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Article Search Help

The articles tab in the search box searches for scholarly articles through NC LIVE. When doing a search for articles, it's helpful to think of narrow search terms to limit the number of articles (such as global warming and public policy instead of just global warming). It is especially helpful to use "Refine Your Search" options on the lefthand side of the page to further narrow down your results to the most relevant items. Make sure you select "Full Text" and "Scholarly / Peer Reviewed," and typically you will want to narrow it down to the most recent five or ten years to find the most current scholarship. 

You can also access NC LIVE directly from the link on our homepage. On the NC LIVE page, you can access specific categories, such as "Books and Literature" or "Science and Technology" to search articles specifically in those subjects. Click here to see all of the NC LIVE resources, arranged by subject.

For additional search tips and information, check out our NC LIVE guide.

We also have many additional article databases available, which focus on different subjects. Go to these databases individually to search them.

Most databases can be accessed off-campus (with the exception of LexisNexis and ACS). Database passwords are posted to Campus Cruiser in the announcements section.