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CCCC Library: Office 365

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is just like the Microsoft you are familiar with, but it now has services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). Office 365 uses your school email: lastname firstname last 3 of student ID      



OneDrive is your cloud storage! You can access Office 365 through your MyCCCC Portal on the main page of Coastal's website. 

1. Click "MyCCCC"

2. Find "Office 365" and click

3. When you select Office 365, if you are logged in already, it'll open in a new tab and look like this:

4. When you click on OneDrive, it'll open to a screen where you'll see a list of your documents (both created and shared with you). You also have sharing capabilities to other Coastal students and to non-students. You will need their email address to share documents. You can drag and drop to upload or select "upload".

Creating Documents

You'll see at the top bar of Office 365 the document options: Word, Excel, Power Point, and OneNote. When you open these documents, you can work on them ONLINE or OFF-LINE. Be sure to remember that if you work on it off-line, it isn't saving to the cloud. You have to upload it. Working online is the best option so that all changes save. 


Need Help? Ask Us!

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Text a Lab Monitor: (910) 787-1221 (send them your computer number located in the top right corner)