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Catalog Search Help

The catalog search box on the homepage searches our physical book collection. Just enter a keyword (such as global warming) to search for books on that topic. You can also do a search based on author (enter the author's last name first) or title by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu. Typically results will be displayed with the newest books first. 

You can also search for books from other NC community colleges and request that they be sent to Coastal for you to check out. Just use the dropdown menu underneath the catalog search box and select "All NC Community Colleges." This will search all of the NC community college libraries. If you find a book at another college that looks helpful, you can request that it be delivered here free of charge! Click on the book you would like to request, and on its catalog page select "PLACE HOLD" (the option is located on the left side of the page). It will ask you for your library barcode number and the 4-digit PIN number you chose when registering with the library. If you have forgotten your PIN number, just give us a call at (910) 938-6237, and we will help you reset it.  Books typically arrive within one to two weeks, however the length of time may vary depending on different factors. We will give you a call when it comes in and you can pick it up at the circulation desk.

For advanced search functions, click on the CCLINC Online Catalog link on the main library webpage and then select Coastal Carolina Community College. The power search function will give you more control over your search options, so be sure to use that if you are receiving too many results for each search.